Greetings Humans,
w/in these pages you will find some of my artwork, videos and other thingies. i specialize in papercraft, illustrations and acrylic work - with subjects ranging from pop culture, horror, the occult, fairy tales and more. basically whatever i want. oh, and if you're a nazi, misogynist, homophobe, etc... - kindly gtf-off my page and don't buy my art. ok that is all - bye!

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Questions? Check below!



Glad you asked!!

I would LOVE for you to check out the 1500+ reviews on my Etsy page!

I've been selling on Etsy since 2012 (this Shopify store is fairly new - I have some reviews on a bunch of items here too, but not as many). Side Note: all my works for sale are on this site - Etsy now has just a smattering of what I moved to here, so be sure to come back to this store and leave a review!)


Almost all items in my shop are handmade (and made to order). I try to ship out as fast as possible. Usually w/in a week for things like prints, ornaments, vinyl stickers and merchandise. But for some of my work, like my hand cut paper art, it can take up to two weeks, depending on how many orders I have in queue, and the time of year.

Sometimes, I might be waiting on an order from my suppliers for certain things and it might be a little longer - but most of the time I can get them created and shipped out in a week. But as a general rule for handmade work please allow 2-4 weeks, with shipping, especially if you're trying to time it for a special occassion. Contact me if a rush on it is needed.

Shipping times are however long it takes from Orlando, FL to whereever you are. I mainly send with USPS and UPS. Tracking info is always sent to you once it's mailed out. :)


YES! I'm always up to check out new opportunities. If you would like to collaborate, license some of my original work, for or any other opportunity questions - use the contact form or email me at


I only create work and merch that I personally would want to buy. I try my hardest to give you the absolute highest quality things. Most of my life as been dedicated to art, so I feel it's my duty to give it the respect it deserves. If I don't feel it's up to snuff I simply won't sell/carry it. I'd 100% rather have fewer quality items than a warehouse full of low level shit. If i can't make it the best it possibly can be then I will never offer it to you.


Yes, sometimes I do take commissions. There are a lot of factors that go into them and sometimes I am pretty booked out. However, please reach out with any info you want to give me about what you're looking for and we can go from there :)

The style of commission requests I do are: Papercuts, Ornaments, Illustrations - all in my own style of course.
(side note: this doesn't include Customizations of event/wedding items - those are part of that purchase and not a Fine Art style commission that I am talking about here)

The two types of commission types I offer:

OPEN EDITION - This is the cheaper option and is normally in-line with the prices on my site (to give you an idea of price).
What "Open Edition" means is that whatever design/papercut/illustration I do for you I will be able to offer that same design, papercut or prints of the illustration to others.

ONE-OFFs - you would have the only one. These are always more pricey.


This shop is run on Shopify, which is a safe, trusted, and secure ecommerce platform.
Art of Will Pigg LLC will never ever never never share or sell any of your information gathered on this site. ever.


CANCELLATIONS: Because of the handmade aspect of almost all my items, I would strongly urge you to cancel asap if you're going to. Sometimes I begin working on this stuff immediately and I might be 8+ hours into a handmade project for you only to have it canceled. Please be mindful. Thanks!

RETURNS: I accept reasonable returns. I give my best effort to deliver quality pieces to you. Check out my "QUALITY" FAQ section. If something is wrong with your order I'll do everything I can to make it right! Please reach out to me! Most of the issues I've ever had, in the last 20 years of freelance work, had to do with shipping damage or shipping company lateness. Please check out the SHIPPING & TIMELINES FAQ for more info.


Sadly, my art & designs have been stolen a lot over the years. a lot... so, if you see my work for sale on any platforms or accounts, other than this shop, my shop on etsy, the gallery at Disney or personally from me at an event, then it's been taken and sold w/o my permission. please, please do not support them... THANKS!